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The post-90s young artist Ellwood Chen, graduated from MICA, the oldest private art college in the United States, in 2016 as a special achievement award. He often takes dreams as his main creative motivation in his works which are dedicated to using color, geometry, composition and other elements to reshape the static montage fragments of dreams.

In 2018, Ellwood Chen began to use digital as a medium to create. At the beginning of the automatic art era, he discussed the origin of existence from the perspective of human beings. He proactively projected many subconscious puzzles, mythological narratives, bloody battle scenes, and cruising color blocks in his works. Construct a kind of enigmatic presence process.

The discourse themes of Ellwood's paintings are often independent of each other, and he can also take on his own creative tasks-retelling the whispers and songs from the distant cities in the dream.

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